old FRS Artwork guide

********Please be aware, I am currently unable to print custom art so only the Furin stock art is available to order. I will leave this guide up for anyone wanting to create and print their own art*******


Photoshop template link: FRS Art Template

Please use this template to create your art and check sizing and button layouts. When you are finished please remove the layout, shape and button layers then export the art image as a PNG which you can then email to me.  

After you place your order, please email me directly (furinarcade@gmail.com) and attach your art file as a PNG. Please put your order number in the subject heading, this will be a 4 digit number "1378" for example.


Only send me artwork that you own the copyright to/ have paid for/ have permission to use! If you have worked with an artist, please provide me with their social links so I can credit them properly. 

Do not steal artwork! 

It is your responsibility to make sure you have permission to use the art for your personal FRS. Artists work incredibly hard to make amazing work and deserve to be paid or credited appropriately. 


If you are unable to use the Photoshop template above:

The FRS top plexi is 320x200mm in size. When making your artwork I suggest you make it a little bit bigger so nothing gets cut off when I fit the art. Below are some image files to help you with your layout. The main image shows the shape and start buttons and then from there you will want to add your button layout choice on top of that. When you are finished with your art, please remove all markings for buttons, case shape etc and send me a clean art file. This will make the print and cut cleaner. Feel free to also attach a version with the button layout as a reference for me. 

If you just have a basic image and want me to resize and fit it as best I can then just send it and i'll let you know if there are any problems. 



Button Layouts