How to customize your FR12

Step 1:
Select a button layout. These are available separately in the products page, choose one and click through to the custom creator.


Step 2:
Your product will be previewed on the left of the screen once choose your case colour.


Step 3:
Chose the main colour of your artwork. For example if your art is a mostly red image then pick that. We'll add your actual art later but this just helps with visualising what your colour scheme will look like against your art.


Step 4:
Select all your colours for edging, parts, buttons etc. 
You can select the surround and plunger colours separately. Please make sure you select every button and they show on your example before continuing.
Also pick your start button colours or not to have a start button at all.

Make sure not to mix and match between Crown and Sanwa button parts. If you wish to have a mixture, please email me to discuss. 

Step 5:

The PCB choice will dictate what consoles your stick will be compatible with. (for some consoles, like original xbox, you may require an additional adapter cable, only a standard USB A-B cable will be supplied.) 

Step 6:
Artwork: For all custom products I will print and fit any art that you send me. Button layout templates are available at the bottom of this page, email me directly if you need anything else. 
Art should be 445x252mm as high res as you can manage in a PNG format. When you send it to me please remove all template/button markings so the art is clean. 
The art choice is completely up to you but please make sure you are not using someones art without permission or without paying for it, you take full responsibility for the art you send me. 
I am unable to print sexually explicit content. 

Step 7:
Once your order and your art are complete, send the art to me and I will add it to your order.
For obvious reasons I cannot make a full start on your order until I have your art. 
When this is all done I will get started and you will receive tracking info when it is completed. Please allow 1-3 weeks for the build, although it is usually just over 1 week.

If you have any questions about the order after you have sent the artwork, you can feel free to contact me directly.  

Outside the UK:

If you are located anywhere outside the UK you MAY be subject to import fees/customs. Since the Brexit changes it has not been clear which countries this affects so you may or may not be asked to pay for customs on the delivery. I have no control over this and make no money from these fees. After you receive tracking info please keep an eye out for payment requests from local couriers. 

Artwork button layouts:
(use these layouts to mark where the buttons will be, resize to 445x252mm)