How to customize your order

Step 1:
Select a button layout. These are available separately in the products page, choose one and click through to the custom creator.


Step 2:
Your product will be previewed on the left of the screen, choose your case colour and edge colour first.


Step 3:
Chose the main colour of your artwork. For example if your art is a mostly red image then pick that. We'll add your actual art later but this just helps with visualising what your colour scheme will look like against your art.


Step 4:
Select your button and balltop colours (depending on your set up it may be buttons only) 
You can select the surround and plunger colours separately. Please make sure you select every button and they show on your example before continuing.
Also pick your start button colours.

Step 5:
The PCB choice will dictate what consoles your stick will be compatible with. Check in the individual descriptions for details. 

Step 6:
Once you are happy with your completed example you can complete the order as you would for any standard product. Once I receive your order I will send you an email asking for your artwork image. I will also send a button layout template and dimensions for the art for you to work to. Once your art is complete, send it back to me and I will add it to your order.

Step 7: 
If you have any questions about the order after you have sent the artwork, you can feel free to contact me directly.