FRS3 Artwork guide

Important Disclaimer:
(read before placing your order)

Only send us artwork that you own the copyright to/ have paid for/ have permission to use! When you send us your art we will also need a screenshot of proof of copyright from the original artist. Downloading images from the internet, even if its from a "copyright free" image website, does not mean you now own the copyright to the original image and I won't be able to print it without permission. 

Please be aware that if you HAVE NOT sent us proof of copyright permission before we print your art we will have to replace your image with a Furin stock art piece and assemble/send your FRS without your art. We will not be able to cancel or refund the order due to incorrect art

Do not steal artwork! 

It is your responsibility to make sure you have permission to use the art for your personal FRS. Artists work incredibly hard to make amazing work and deserve to be paid/credited appropriately.  

*We am unable to use/print AI created artwork* 


FRS3 Art Guide

Photoshop template link: FRS Art Template

Please use this template to create your art and check sizing and button layouts. When you are finished please remove the layout, shape and button layers then export the art image as a PNG which you can then email to me or upload on your order.  

After you place your order, please email us directly ( and attach your art file as a PNG. Please put your order number in the subject heading, this will be a 4 digit number "1378" for example.